How to Earn Free Crypto Coins with 'No Scam' and 100% Legit Ways

Cryptocurrencies are probably the most talked about thing these days. Once hailed as the future of finance, the crypto coins have already taken over the world. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to truly explode and since then, others like Ethereum, Cardano, Ripple and even Dogecoin have appeared. Most of them have grown at an exponential rate. Yes, there have been few dips as well but, the crypto market has largely been on an upward trajectory over the last 12 months.

It has picked pace in India too and a lot of people don’t want to miss out on the opportunity. A number of exchange platforms have made it easier for the investors to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in India but, there are a lot of questions that keep popping up. We try to answer some frequently asked questions about cryptocurrencies.

In this post i will share my own personally used methods to Earn Free Crypto Currencies. So, First If you don't know about Crypto Currencies, What is a Crypto Currency?.

What is Crypto Currency?

In simple words, cryptocurrencies are digital money that can’t be seen or touched but have certain value attached to them. They are support by blockchain technology which relies on a network of computers to keep track of transactions rather than on a centralised authority like a bank. They can be compared to assets like Gold or real estate as a store of value. The idea is as more and more people will start holding these coins, there value will go over time and more use case will appear.

How to Buy or Invest in Crypto Currencies in India and It's Legal ?

Yes. It's Legal but Regulated by Indian Govt. Cryptocurrencies can be bought using various exchange platforms. The investors can download the apps from Google Play Store or App Store. They just need to sign up using their credentials, complete the KYC process, transfer money to the wallet and make the purchase.

The popular Indian platforms include WazirX, Zebpay, Coinswitch Kuber and CoinDCX GO. The investors can also buy Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies through international trading platforms like Coinbase and Binance.

So, You're looking for Free Crypto Coins, There is Several Methods to Earn it. But Most of them where Scam and Fraud. So this is my personal Methods that are 100% Legit and you can Earn Free Crypto Currencies .

How to Earn Free Crypto Coins with 'No Scam' and 100% Legit Ways



Brave is a Web Browser giving users a safer, faster and better browsing experience while growing support for content creators through a new attention-based ecosystem of rewards. When you use Brave Rewards, you earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for each privacy-respecting ad Brave shows you. A typical, engaged person who uses Brave as their everyday browser can expect to earn ​about $50 of BAT a month.​ This figure will vary over time and by region, depending on a variety of factors. 

Download Brave Browser 

style="text-align: left;">2: STORMAGAIN

Stormgain is a Crypto Exchange App that provides Free Bitcoin Mining Worth $25+. After Earning free BTC you can trade with that, and earn profit on that you can withdraw it. First, sign up at Stormgain to start mining BTC. After you register, go to the dedicated Bitcoin Miner page. Hit the big green 'Activate' button to get your first mining reward after 4 hours. Repeat the operation while increasing your mining speed by trading or exchanging cryptocurrency on Stormgain. 

Download Stormagain

style="text-align: left;">3: CRYPTOTAB BROWSER

The world's first browser with mining features to Earn bitcoin free. CryptoTab Browser is a Private Secured Web Browser that can be used for unlimited bitcoin Mining. CryptoTab Browser is a one time Paid App, that charging $0.65 and you can mine unlimited Bitcoin.

Download CryptoTabPro


Presearch is an open, decentralized search engine that rewards community members with Presearch Tokens for their usage, contribution to, and promotion of the platform. Presearch gives PRE Token to their users per search. Presearch provides 25PRE Coin as Welcome Bonus for their users. When your PRE Reaches 1000, You can Withdraw it.

Signup to Presearch

style="text-align: left;">5. PUBLISH0X

The easiest way to explain Publish0x is that Publish0x is a crypto agnostic publishing platform similar to Medium, where both author and reader earn different tokens. Authors earn crypto when readers tip them (tips are free for both readers and authors) via the tipper found at the bottom of the page.

Sign up For Publish0X

style="text-align: left;">6. AIRDROPS

An airdrop, in the cryptocurrency business, is a marketing stunt that involves sending coins or tokens to wallet addresses in order to promote awareness of a new virtual currency. Small amounts of the new virtual currency are sent to the wallets of active members of the blockchain community for free or in return for a small service, such as retweeting a post sent by the company issuing the currency. Most of scams happening in the name of Airdrop. You can check Legit Airdrops from here,

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