The Prime Minister will address the country at 10 am tomorrow.

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to address the country tomorrow at 10 am as the lockdown ends as part of the Covid-19 defense.  At a video conference with chief ministers on Saturday, it was agreed to extend the lockdown.

 The general consensus is that the closure will be extended to some sectors with limited concessions.  The Center will set specific guidelines on concessions for various sectors.  The Prime Minister may announce this.

 If the national shutdown is extended after 14, it is likely that there will be some concessions to agriculture and related industries.  The Prime Minister responded to this demand by the chief ministers.  Interstate travel will not be allowed while the closure continues.  Regulation on rail, air transport and public transport will continue.  There are three main areas of the disease: red, slightly yellow, and safe green.

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