Applied Sociology And It's Relevance In Contemporary Society

Applied Sociology- It's relevance in contemporary Society (Essay Type Question)

Applied Sociology- Definition 

Applied Sociology is concerned with the application of sociological knowledge which is put into human use and human betterment.It is search for ways of using scientific knowledge to solve practical problems in the society.The main aim of applied sociology is to bring social welfare in society through social and scientific Investigation.

Types of Applied Sociology 
Applied sociology may be divided into five main Branches

1 Clinical Sociology: It refers to the use of sociological knowledge to aid diagnosis ,treatment, teaching and research . A clinical sociologist study the ways of improving employee moral.

2 Social engineering: It attempt to use sociological  knowledge to design social policies or social institutions with a specific purpose.It refers to planned social change and social development.Based on sociological  knowledge the government can shape and manage key features of the  society .

3 social work . It is considered as an applied aspect of sociology . In this field sociological  knowledge is applied to actual social problems. 

4 Applied social  research : It is considered  as the use of sociological knowledge to solve actual social  problems. Applied research may take the form of descriptive research ,survey research, analytical research etc.

5 Action sociology : action sociology is also a form of applied sociology in which sociologist is asked to participate in the development process and tackle vital social problems actively . It is directly connected with the solution to the problems. This means not only to find out roots of the problem but also associate our self in the diagnosis of the problem, planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation of the programme designed to solve the problems.

Relevance of Applied sociology in contemporary society 

The relevance of application side of sociology has become wider in the current scenario . Following are the openings of sociological applications in the present society. 

1. Social services and community services - One of the key areas of applied sociology is the service sector in rehabilitation ,case management, group work with elderly administration etc.           
In both corporate and government organization sociologist can work as directors, policy analyst consultants and human resource managers. 

Applied sociology has a great role in inderdisciplinary analysis with economist , political scientist, anthropologist, psychologist etc.

2 Health and legal service : Applied sociologists have an immense  participation in law, medicine, education, social work, nursing, engineering, counseling, therapy and in health service agencies.

3.Academic discipline: In the field of teaching  and research applied sociology have a great role. Sociologist can become faculties in schools, universities, college etc.

4.Media: Journalism, massmedia, publishing, etc are the fields require  skills and working with diverse groups. Here applied sociology has an apt part.

5.Social Planning: Research analyst, survey researchers, urban planners , community developers, criminologists, demographers etc are the upcoming field of sociology.

6.Government Services: In Govt settings many sociologists are engaged in evaluation of projects on issues like ecological consciousness, literacy drives, poverty alleviation programmes, housing, transportation, education, control of AIDS epidemic health law enforcement etc.
The sociologist can provide  information to governmental organizations to identify problems, causes and suggest strategies for solving them.

7.Human welfare departments: Many sociological agencies such as health, family welfare, social justice, women empowering , ageing, mental health, Drug abuse, Census, agriculture, Housing and Urban development, Centers for disease control etc play a vital role in human welfare.

8.Business: Sociologist can build their careers in sales, marketing, customer relations, insurance etc.

9.Advertising: In the upcoming field of advertising, especially social advertising, sociology plays a vital role.

10.Career Guidance: Sociology is an optical subject among those appearing for civil services and other competitive exams.

11.Social Research: A large number of jobs features sociological research 
(research assistant) and some of them are exclusively research positions.

12.Self Employment: Sociologists direct their own research offers consultancy to NGO's and social service organizations. The private research firms conduct studies for Govt agencies, business firms and political groups.

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