covid-19 patient toll rises to 21 lakh, deaths to 1.34 lakh More than five lakh people are cured

Washington: Worldwide, the number of people infected with CVD is closer to 21 million.  According to Johns Hopkins University, 2,060,927 people in 185 countries have been diagnosed with the virus.  134,354 people have died due to the virus.

 With a bit of relief, the total number of people who have been completely cured by Kovid has crossed five lakh.  So far 511,356 people have been diagnosed with the disease.  China has the highest number of cases, 78,311.  In Germany, 72,600 people got sick.  In Spain, 70,853 people died in the United States and 52,305 were hospitalized.

 The United States has the highest number of deaths and deaths.  Of the 637,359 people diagnosed with the disease, 28,529 died.  On Wednesday alone, 2,459 deaths were reported.  Death toll in Italy exceeds 21,600  The number of patients reached 165,155.  In Spain, the number of infected people approaches 1.9 lakh.  Death toll increased to 18,812.  In France, the death rate is rising daily.  Over 1500 people died in the last day.  The total number of casualties was 17,167.  The death toll in the UK rose to 13,000.

 In Germany, 134,753 people have been diagnosed with the virus.  3804 people have died.  Death toll in Iran and Belgium approaches five thousand  The death toll in the Netherlands has crossed three thousand and Canada has reached 1,000.  In India, there are 11,933 confirmed cases of the virus.  392 people died.

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