April 14 Dr. Ambedkar Jayanthi (1891 Apr-14 - 1956 Dec-6)

April 14th is the birth anniversary of Dr. Bhim Raoji Ambedkar, who is known as Babasaheb Ambedkar.

 As the architect of the Constitution of India, the founding leader of the Republic of India and the first law minister of independent India, he has made a lasting impression in the hearts of the people as a brave leader who fought against untouchability and social discrimination.  He advocated for the rights of not only dalits but also women and workers.  His life gives us the message that poverty and social backwardness are not barriers to rise.

 Ambedkar's social dreams are now being put into the hands of the Narendra Modi-led government.  The government has a number of welfare schemes specifically aimed at bringing the backward classes of the marginalized society into the mainstream.  Panchayat making and legal reforms are some of them.  Let Ambedkar's memory inspire us to raise the hand of the bottom of society to help the destitute.

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